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BWRA Lord Byron 2018.


Firstly the BWRA would like to thank Horden  wrc  for stepping at short notice and hosting this event for us as Shildon was too wet after the dreadful weather, the track as usual looked superb along with the lovely refreshments available for everyone,  I would like to thank who did a sterling job on the traps and John and Colin on the lure also John, Geoff B and Krystal on the line along with Nigel who was in charge of the slo mos this week.


Onto the racing congratulations to Kieth and Debbie with this years winner LITTLE MISS DIOR this little girl never put a foot wrong all day and won in fine style from Paul and Kathryns North 4 South in runner up Sharon and Nigels Secret Shadow in third place and Erica and Geoffs Odd One Out in fourth well done to all of you, the scratch racing saw wins for Buck Lizzie, Jump the Gun and Gnasher who took supreme, the veterans was win for Deneside Pamela, puppies Debbies  Mastermover and the yearlings Jim and Jamies Whispar.
A good day was enjoyed along with lovely weather thank you to everyone who attended, this weeks members free hamper draw was won by Natasha Henderson I do believe she also reached the final in the time open with her little pedigree Cassie.

19lb bitch Little Miss Dior
22lb bitch Sky Lantern
25lb bitch Run For Fun
28lb bitch Odd One Out
32lb bitch So Glamorous

bitch run off 1st Little Miss Dior 2nd Odd One Out

19lb dog Mr Whippet

22lb dog Secret Shadow
25lb dog North 4 South
28lb dog Darlo Fury
32lb dog Alpha Chief

dog run off 1st Secret Shadow 2nd North 4 South

LORD BYRON FINAL 1st LITTLE MISS DIOR 2nd North 4 South 3rd Secret Shadow 4th Odd one Out w/d

vets 20lb Shes The Pitts             2nd
vets 24lb DENESIDE PAMELA  winner
vets 32lb Blue Sea Of Ibrox        3rd

pups 28lb MASTERMOVER winner
pups 32lb Laceys Pride         2nd

Yearling winner WHISPAR

36lb scr Bucks Lizzie
45lb scr Jump The Gun
55lb scr GNASHER + sup

puppy scr Gun Runner
year   scr  Raggit Ralphy
vet     scr  Izzapoppapride

Time Open ( run by Horden WRC )

up to 32lb heat 1 Cassie
up to 32lb heat 2 Laylas Lass

over 32lb Mitzy

Final 1st LAYLAS LASS 2nd Cassie 3rd Mitzy

Photos are available on Non Ped Slo Mos site.




BWRA AGM , 14th January 2018, Holiday Inn, Burton on Trent.
Meeting opened 12.25
Tony opened the meeting by wishing everyone a happy new year and thanking the committee foe all of their hard work throughout the year and also to everyone else who has worked or helped and supported the BWRA during 2017 it is very much appreciated as without these people we cannot do what we do.
2017 minutes as a true record  proposed Linda Broom seconded John Gill.
Treasurers report;
Phil asked why the cost of the testing kits was so high, Alison explained that the costs were for the kits plus the cost of the samples taken and tested from the straight championships.
Doreen asked what the 270 other championship cost was for, Alison told her this was for the cost of the free hampers that were drawn as a thank you to members at all of the national events in 2017.
Tony asked if there was anyone willing to take on the task of internal auditors to check the books a couple of times throughout the year, Irene Cunningham and Claire Smith volunteered to do this.
Phil asked why there was such a loss at the Jack Cadman, on looking at this it was obvious that is was an error, and as Ray Bourne  ( resigning treasurer ) was not present it could not be explained , other than that Phil thought that auditors and treasurers reports were very good.
Alison thanked Phil for his help in organising the filming of the anniversary straight champs weekend and also for doing the dvds for us, it was greatly appreciated.
Registrars report = No concerns or questions.
Tony then welcomed Neil Gilbert who was taking over as vice chairman from Mark Jones and Sharon Fletcher who was taking over as treasurer from Ray Bourne , a vote of thanks was given to both Mark and Ray for all of the work they have done on behalf of the BWRA.
Dates / Venues.
The dates and venues were given out for those who were in the reps meeting.
We then went on to do discuss the IBM/Grasscutter open.
Two venues were put forward for this event Fordingbridge and Barleylands ( south east )
Doreen said that in the past Thurrock had not put for the IBM as they were not bothered about hosting it, and that she had spoken to Pat Stayte and she had told her that they were not ready to hols an open event at the new track.
Claire replied that they had spoken about it and they willing to host it and were open to any dates.
Steve and Jane  were asked if they wanted to take the open and run it as a regional or club open or leave it as a national event, after further discussion it was decided that it would remain as a national event and it was put to a vote which went in favour of Fordingbridge
13 to 4 votes.
Linda then asked that as the pup/yearling spring championships were a week than usual would we giving an allowance to the pups.
Yes we would be giving a weeks grace for this event only.
Phil Milner then brought up the dope testing and said that we need to make everything clear and that we should have a list od banned substances.
Bill pointed out that when he went to the Newmarket labs years ago that they could not give a list, Alison agreed with this as she had been told the same from the HFL.
A very lengthy discussion followed with different views and opinions on the subject.
Tony said we would try and look into this as to what is needed.
Several other topics and ideas were mentioned, mainly about sponsorship, websites, advertising etc. Tony said that he would speak to Malcolm regarding the existing website and database , regarding bringing it more up to date. New ideas are needed to move forward.
Phil asked if it would be possible to have a national presentation, most felt it would be difficult to do this.
Mark Warren felt that we needed to be more safety conscious at the finishing end of the track with extra fencing after the finishing line to stop people wandering across and causing possible accidents. He also asked if the BWRA had any plans to introduce any other dog classes to their events. Erica said that there was nothing stopping the host clubs doing this as long as it didn't interfere with the running of the BWRA event.
Tony said that lurchers etc, the BWRA championships was not the place to do it.
Phil also asked about pre entry to stop the time waiting about for the  programmes  to be done, it was pointed out that this was not a new thing and had been done in the past and didn't make much difference as dogs still had to be weighed and you end up with dogs not turning up and programmes having to be changed, and some felt that this time was a chance to socialise and see to your dogs especially for the workers.
Meeting closed 3.05



BWRA reps meeting 14th January 2018, Holiday Inn, Burton on Trent.
Mid West = Bill/Doreen Hopkins
North West = Linda Brook / John Marsden
North Yorks = John Gill / Angela Donahue / John Noble
East Mids = Audrey Johnson
North East = Pat Jobson / Elaine Roy
South East = Darren/Claire Smith.
Committee - Tony Cooper ( chairman ) Alison Armstrong ( secretary ) Erica Miller ( registrar )
2017 minutes were given out for everyone to read.
2017 minutes accepted as a true record. proposed John Gill  seconded John Noble.
Matters arising;
Doreen said that a comment regarding Poolsbrook was made by herself and not Bill, Alison disputed this.
We then went on to 2018 dates and venues
Tyrone 1th March - Highgate
Bend Champs - 25th March Highgate
Spring pup/year/Andy Patterson - 8th April Old Hall ( week later than it should be due to Easter )
Lord Byron - 22nd April - Shildon
IBM / Grasscutter - held over until the agm as Steve and Jane Rowell were attending
Straight Champs - 25/26th - August = Old Hall
Autumn pup/year/ Jack Cadman = 1st October Old Hall
Tony informed the room that he had received phone calls regarding allegations of wrongful parentage on a possible three litters.
This was received with great shock by everyone, a lengthy discussion followed with the main concern being that if it was true hoe it would effect breeding further down the line.
Doreen stated that if there was any proof then a meeting should be held with those making the allegations and the committee.
Tony stated that we were all part of the executive committee and as such could change the breeding rule as he felt this could possibly be why these allegations had come to light, however the reps were not prepared to do this, and it was left to the discretion of the top table.
Therefore due to allegations of wrongful parentage and or dates of birth of some registrations, the top table committee have decided to relax the ruling on at least a 12 month gal between litters. In future the top table will police on an animal welfare basis being the first priority as it always has been. Breeders will be given guidance and advice wherever it is felt needed.
Erica pointed out that if it is not working we can always change it, and that we are only penalising BWRA members as the dogs in question would still be racing at clubs and the NNWRF, and that we can only take each case on its own merit.
Tony pointed out that we have accepted dogs from rescues etc with out knowing their breeding or age. He said that he would do his best to look in to this and follow up the accusations as best he could with the information he had.
He said that had thought long and hard about it, but felt that he was open about it by putting it to the reps.
Alison stated that we will be accepting original vaccination certificates for new registrations.
Pat Jobson asked if we would also be wanting proof of microchips also, Erica replied that we were not policing that and it was down to the owners if they got their dogs chipped.
Meeting closed 11.55.




The first event for the BWRA of 2018, firstly thank you the Myers family who are back in charge at Highgate and are very helpful also thank you to Jane Rowell who stepped in when needed in the box and Christina for the lovely pics taken of the winners of not only the Tyrone but also some of the Top three winners who were present.


Well done to Tom and the lovely LOOBY LOU on winning today this bitch is certainly on fire at the moment and a favourite for the bend champs coming up in 2 weeks time, also well done to Mick Clemmit and JUMP THE GUN taking supreme scratch today Reggie is certainly at home on the bends and well done to Chris and Julies KENTUCKYS CHARM on winning the yearlings after just having a trial on the morning, the veterans saw a very close race with litter sisters Polaris just getting beat by  DENESIDE PAMELA, the veteran scratch saw a good win for Jimmy with RAGGIE BLACK, and the consolations saw win for MISSOURRI well done to Jake and Chloe.
Everything went well with a little hiccup with the hare but other that that we enjoyed a good days racing, on a sadder note condolences are sent to Bill on the loss of his lovely little bitch Marrill words are not enough.
20lb bitch Bag it Up
23lb bitch Sky Lantern + l/w winner
26lb bitch Looby Lou _+ h/w winner
29lb bitch Cotton Picker
32lb bitch Ones Trouble
17lb dog Niklaus
20lb dog That's Andys +l/w winner
23lb dog Secret Shadow
26lb dog Little Mischief + h/w winner
29lb dog Technical Ted
Tyrone Final.
2nd Little Mischief
3rd That's Andys
4th Sky Lantern w/d
36lb scr Insane Bolt
45lb scr JUMP THE GUN + supreme
33lb scr Dead Ringer for Love
vet scr Raggie Black
24lb veteran DENESIDE PAMELA + winner
28lb vet Polaris 2nd
24lb year  Mamma Loves Hu 3rd
28lb year  KENTUCKYS CHARM winner
32lb year  Floki 2nd
24lb cons  MISSOURRI winner
32lb cons Paranoid
scr cons Big Red.
Pics on British Whippet Racing face book page or Christina has them.
At last the weather improved from the week of snow leading up to the champs, not a great number of entries but this has been the norm of late on the bends, never the less we were all entertained with some good racing.
I will start by thanking Highgate Stadium for hosting our events once again with the Myers family back in charge with everything in place for us and a generous donation from John and James Myers very kind donation which was shared between the supreme winners, also thank you to Tina for taking the winners photos for us and Jane for stepping for me when needed, also Holly for helping with selling the raffle tickets, it was also nice to see Mark from the Whippet News who was there to do the Whippet News 2017 Top Ten presentation and taking  pictures of the champions as they won. Also many thanks to GILPA dog foods for bags of food for the supreme winners.
Well done  to all runners and winners your dogs all did you proud, congratulations to Tom Byrne who was supreme bitch of the day with his lovely home bred SUP RBCH LOOBY LOU this has been unstoppable on the bends, supreme dog went to Andy and Tracey Railtons SUP RBCH TECHNICAL TED taking this title for the third time a brilliant achievement, the scratch saw Mick Clemmitt with his first non ped taking the title with SUP SCR RBCH JUMP THE GUN, the veteran scratch was won by Jimmy Barrs SUP SCR RVBCH FREDDIE BLACK and the veterans saw ain for a Delighted Skinner family with SUP RVCH MEMPHIS.
18lb bitch                                                                                                       RCH  MISSISSIPPI ( Kentucky x maizee mu )
20lb bitch rup Bag It Up ( andy pandy x bag of gems )                                 RCH OUR RUBY ( ballypride x our bea )
22lb bitch rup Laylas Lass ( rudi valentino x little sue )                                      RCH SKY LANTERN ( entucky x my quest )
24lb bitch                                                                                                         RCH ARTEMIS ( hes the pitts x skoshi tiger )
26lb bitch rup Odd One Out ( boybelle x so glam                                                 RCH LOOBY LOU ( andy pandy x barricade )
28lb bitch rup Cotton Picker ( andy pandy x bag of gems )                                   RCH SLIM PEAK ( fatboy slim x poolie flyer )
30lb bitch rup Ones Trouble ( fatboy slim x poolie flyer )                                           RCH BOBBYS ANGEL ( paraniod x dixie chick )
Supreme run off 1st LOOBY LOU 2nd OUR RUBY 3rd BOBBYS ANGEL
18lb dog rup Mr Whippet ( twist n pulse x candy mill )                                    RCH NIKLAUS ( twist n pulse x wor stag )
20lb dog                                                                                                               RCH THATS ANDYS ( andy pandy x smack that )
22lb dog rup Peridot ( gems lad x xotic )                                                                   RCH SECRET SHADOW ( ballypride x wor secret )
24lb dog rup Red Jo ( john jo x dead red )                                                                   RCH LITTLE MISCHIEF ( andy pandy x smack that )
26lb dog                                                                                                                      RCH TECHNICAL TED ( rapscallion x push the button )
28lb dog rup The Flash ( vivs quest x red spot )                                               RCH PARANIOD (just friends x wor secret )
30lb dog rup Blue sea of Ibrox ( deneside belle x little sue )                            RCH ALPHA CHIEF ( hes the pitts x go 2 )
32lb dog rup Mastermouse ( deneside bele x little sue )                                       RCH BOBBY BOUCHER ( ballypride x floless )
Supreme runn of 1st TECHNICAL TED 2nd THATS ANDYS
36lb scr rup Bucks Lizzie ( Kentucky x take me later )                                     RCH LILLY WHITE ( Kentucky x take me later )
45lb scr rup Big Red ( deneside belle x dead red )                                               RCH JUMP THE GUN ( deneside belle x dea red )
55lb scr rup Dead Ringer for Love ( love lockdown x is this love )                      RCH OATFIELD BALOR ( vivs starlight x lilly )
Supreme Veteran Scratch  RCH FREDDIE BLACK ( raggie black x sugar mouse )
24lb vet RCH DENESIDE PAMELA ( ceneside belle x little sue )
32lb vet RCH MEMPHIS ( Kentucky x pasha )
Supreme run off 1st MEMPHIS 2nd DENESIDE PAMELA


Once again the weather was on our side as the week leading up to tis event was nothing but rain and most clubs were unable to run but must say Old Hall stood up to the task, I will start by thanking all of the Old Hall committee and workers everything was in place for us looks like the club id going from strength to strength again, the ladies in the canteen kept us all fed and watered with lovely food on offer, thanks also go Steve and Jane for their help throughout the day and again Tina for stepping in on the photo finish and taking the winners pictures.
Not many pups about this time of year but even less this year due to the dreadful weather and not being able to get dogs ready howevr their was some promising youngsters on show.
We stared with pups which saw wins for Kirk Farndale taking supreme bitch puppy LACEYS PRIDE and supreme and overall supreme puppy went to Lyndon Gilberts lovely little dog DARLO WIG WAM BAM, the yearlings saw wins for Jim and Jamie with their lovely bitch WHISPER who took overall yearling champion a one to watch out for in the future, the dog yearling went a very happy Smith family with their little dog TREVORS BOY, the scratch winners were Mick Clemmits GUN RUNNER taking supreme puppy scratch and John and Pat Staytes taking supreme scratch yearling with their hombred VINNIE.
We had a good entry in the Andy Patterson which saw joint winners in Steve and Jane Rowells HERMES and Russ Malbons THE POWER both dogs running well all day, the scratch saw wins for Amandas Dead Ringer For Love and The Power od Love and Shauns DUKE OF DEERDALE who also took suprem, the veteran scratch was won by Geoff and Hazel Fletchers PENNYS DROPPED in very good race and the veterans saw a win for Eliazabeth and Tam with ALFIE MOON.
32lb bitch puppy LACEYS PRIDE ( john jo x dead red )
20lb dog puppy DARLO WIG WAM BAM ( dontstopmenow x lucky spot ) + supreme puppy champion.
20lb year bitch COME ON EILEEN ( ballypride x hells amber ) + 3rd
24lb year bitch WHISPER ( smoggy perro x mimzee mu ) + winner + supreme champion
28lb year bitch SLIPPY SLIMFAST ( little slimfast x ghd ) + 2nd
32lb year bitch POPPU MILL ( north b4 south x tinkersmill ) + 4th
20lb year dog TREVORS BOY ( bally pride x hells amber ) + winner
28lb year dog DANES DYNAMITE ( Kentucky x cracked charm ) + 3rd
32lb year dog TRY TYPSY BLUE ( Kentucky x try holly ) + 2nd
Sup Puppy Scratch GUN RUNNER ( rufus stone x rainmaker )
sup Yearling Scratch VINNIE ( north b4 south x tinkersmill )
20lb bitch Little Miss Dio +r 4th
24b bitch THE POWER  + winner and joint supreme
28lb bitch Bobbys Charm + 3rd
32lb bitch Bobbys Angel + 2nd
heats = bag it up - let it flo - so glamorous
20lb dog Niklaus + 4th
24lb dog Secret Shadow + 2nd
28lb dog HERMES + winner and joint supreme
32lb dog Insane Bolt + 3rd
36 scr The Power of Love
45 scr DUKE OF DEERDALE + supreme
55 scr Dead Ringer for Love
20lb vet Boots + 3rd
28lb vet Try Holly + 2nd
32lb vet ALFIE MOON + winner.


TOPIC - Allegations of wrongful breeding and or dates of birth.
Thus so far the persons making allegations of the above remain anonymous , however rightly or wrongly I followed up on those claims to try to establish the truth of by proof or competent evidence.
FINDINGS - I could find no conclusive evidence to support said allegations. Any persons with any future allegations on any matter are reminded of rule 8 in the grievance procedure .
Tony Cooper Chairman of the BWRA.






This year is proposal year, these can be sent or given to the:

 National Secretary Alison Armstrong,

These can be sent any time up to August  12th, these will then be given out at the straight champs.





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